Elementos Calefactores AS

Heating blankets | Drum-heaters | IBC/Tote tank heaters

Special heating systems

Manufacturers of electric heating blankets for industrial applications

Drum-heaters for 25, 50, 100 L drums
Drum-heaters for drums of 25, 50, 100 litres
Drum-heaters for 200 L drums
Drum-heaters for drums of 200 litres
IBC tank-heaters for tanks of 1000 L (275 gal)
IBC tank-heaters for tanks of 1.000 L (275 gal)

Elementos Calefactores AS

Manufacturers of special heating systems

We have over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing special heating systems: heating blankets, outdoor de-icing systems, heat tracing systems, electric floor heating, temperature control devices, and many others.

During this time, our range of electric heating blankets: drum-heaters, tank-heaters and many others, have become our primary reference in the european market.

With our new website we want to consolidate our current position and open doors to new markets.

We also want to emphasize that our wide range of heating blankets are not limited to drum-heaters and IBC tank-heaters, we can also offer many other solutions for all types of applications as well as our availability to manufacture heating blankets on demand.

Electric heating jackets for industrial applications
Electric heating blanket

Our heating blankets

Drum-heaters, IBC tank-heaters, heaters on demand, and many more...

Drums of 25 to 100 L

Drum-heaters for drums of 25, 30, 50 and 100 litres
Drum-heaters 25 to 100 L

Drums of 200 L

Drum-heaters for drums of 200 litres
Drum-heaters 200 L

IBC tank of 1.000 L (275 gal)

Tank-heaters for IBC/Tote tanks
IBC tote tank-heaters

Heaters on demand

Heating blankets on demand
Customized heating blankets
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