Electric heating systems Special heating systems based in the use of electric heating wires  
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Special heating systems by means of electric heating wires

At Elementos Calefactores AS, we manufacture electric heating systems: radiant floor, heating blankets, Heating bases, trace heating systems, snow melting systems, and many other applications by means of electric heating wires.

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Here are some of our highlighted products and heating systems:

Tienda online: suelo radiante, mantas calefactoras, mallas calefactoras, etc.

AS Products

  ECAS Parallel heating cables Heating cables, heating blankets, heating bands, heating mats, crankcase heaters  
  ECAS Flexible series electrical resistors  
  ECAS Bipolar resistor (torpedo)  
  ECAS Heating blankets  
  ECAS Heating bases  
  ECAS Crankcase heaters
  ECAS Kits and accessories

AS Electric radiant floor

  ECAS Electric radiant floor Electric radiant floor, floor heating  
  With parallel heating cable  
Heating floor
Quotes for electric radiant floor
Sistemas de calefacción

AS Heating systems

  ECAS Radiant heating for ramps Electric radiant floor, trace heating, drum heating, snow melting systems, heating for animals  
  ECAS Trace heating for pipes  
  ECAS Trace heating for storage tanks  
  ECAS Drum heating  
  ECAS Roof heating  
  ECAS Greenhouse heating  
  ECAS Heating for animals
  ECAS Quotation request Quote requests

AS Regulation and temperature control

  ECAS Temperature control boxes Thermostats, control boxes, thermostats for snow melting systems  
  ECAS Snow melting systems thermostats  
  ECAS Thermostats for heating systems  
  ECAS Radiant floor thermostats  
Quotes for electric heating systems: Trace heating, heating for ramps, snow melting systems
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